About Us

The Society for Patients Rights in Israel

The Society for Patients Rights in Israel is a volunteer organization that assists patients and their families secure their rights and receive services in the healthcare system, including health plans (kupot cholim), hospitals and other institutions.


The Society was founded in 1996 after the Knesset approved the Patient’s Rights Law. The Society for Patients Rights is a recognized non-profit organization (Non-profit registration No. 58-028416-4). The Society has no political or business affiliations and it maintains operational independence. The Society was established by men and women representing a variety of medical professions and public activists from the entire Israeli social spectrum. The Society is composed of many activists and members and it welcomes any individual above the age of 18 who would like to join.


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Ms. Adina Marks, Chaviva Avigai, Esq., Mr. Menachem Aviram, Prof. Marvin Gutsman, Prof. Eran Dolev, Ms. Hadas Hershemesh, Yitzchak Hoshen, Esq., Dr. Nili Tabak, Mr. Mordechai Cohen and Ms. Aviva Plaut.


Board of Directors
Ms. Adina Marks - Chairperson, Mr. Shmuel Ben Yaakov, Mr. Ilan Gilon, Dr. Dalia Zomer,  Prof. Nili Tabak, Mr. Moshe Mizrachi, Ms. Techiah Manishevitz,  Dr. Aviva Plaut, Ms. Netanya Reznick, Mr. Simcha Kenigsbuch, Prof. Menachem Feinrow, Prof. Tova Chachick
Haim Croitoru, Esq. – Legal Advisor
Itay Ben Yaakov – Website Manager


The Society’s Goals  

  • To provide a voluntary organizational framework for individuals and families to whom the issue of patients’ rights is important.
  • To advance public awareness of the social rights of those receiving medical treatment.
  • To make information available to those providing and receiving medical care regarding different patients’ rights issues.
  • To provide an outlet for questions and public inquiries regarding the realization of rights according to the law.
  • To initiate research regarding patients’ rights, medical ethics and consumer health.


Courses of Actions


The Society operates a telephone hotline which is open to the public and is staffed by volunteers (a Russian-speaking volunteer is available on Thursdays). Anyone can call with questions, requests for consultations or complaints regarding infringement of patients’ rights.
Telephone: 03-602-2934  (24 hr. voicemail); Fax: 03-602-1878; E-mail: info@patients-rights.org


Ораганизация по защите прав больного.работает открытая телефонная линияс воскресения до етверга 1000 до 1330, которая дает возможность обратиться с вопросом, жалобой или получить совет в случае нарушения прав больногов четверг (пятый день) возможно обратиться и получить ответ  на русском языке. в другое время можно оставить  сообщение на автоответчике, включенном 24 часа в сутки. Всегда рады помочь. 


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