Additional benefits for the ill and disabled

Rights for the Ill and Disabled from Government Bodies

Other than  Health Plans and National Insurance

The following is general information regarding rights and services available for the ill and disabled from different government bodies (such as the Ministry of Transportation, local authorities, etc.) outside of the health plan and National Insurance framework.

It is recommended to examine these rights by referring to the relevant authorities and/or with the assistance of a lawyer specializing in the field.

Related rights for those receiving a general disability pension from government agencies

Those who receive a disability pension are eligible for special discounts on a number of services, such as:

  • Municipal property tax (Arnona) discount – Go to your municipal property tax office with the following required documents:
  1. Municipal property tax discount request form (available through the municipal authority finance department).
  2. Every document that indicates the medical condition of the child or the disabled person.
  3. Disabled child benefit or disability pension confirmation.
  4. Every document indicating the parents’ economic status (pay slip, mortgage, etc.).
  5. Receipts from medical expenses incurred as a result of the child’s treatment.

The municipal property tax discount for families with a disabled child was raised from 25% to 33%. Click here to view regulations regarding municipal property tax discounts for families with a disabled child (Hebrew).


  • Public transportation discount – A certificate of eligibility for the discount is automatically sent from the Ministry of Transportation.

  • Assistance for apartment rental or purchase from one of the public companies (Shikmona, Amidar, etc.) – Refer to a bank offering mortgages.

  • Discount on telephone services – Refer to the Rehabilitation Wing in the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (10 Yad Charutzim St., Jerusalem).

  • Discount on education and club fees

  • Exemption from payment for a doctor’s visit (both in-house and professional); for hospital fees and for a visit to institutions and external clinics. The exemption is automatically provided according to the lists transferred from the National Insurance Institute to the health plans.

  • Exemption from paying income tax – For those who are defined as having a medical disability of 90% and above. Refer to the income tax authority. Click here for additional information from the Tax Authority website (Hebrew).

  • Discount on purchase tax when purchasing an apartment
Those defined as “Disabled” or “Injured” according to their definition in purchase tax regulations (there is a need for a minimal degree of disability according to the injury), will receive an exemption from purchase tax when purchasing real estate. The meaning of “Exempt” is paying a purchase tax of only 0.5% of the purchase value. The exemption will be given for purchase of an apartment on condition that it be used as the disabled individual’s residence, or for land on which a house will be built for use as the disabled individual’s residence, exemption will be given on condition that the structure will be built within two years.


The exemption will also be given to a married couple when one of them is “Disabled”.


A “Disabled” individual may receive the exemption only twice in his/her life.


Refer to the local tax office in the area in which the real estate is located.


Click here for additional information from the Tax Authority website (Hebrew).


Parents of a disabled child are entitled to a purchase tax discount on the purchase of an apartment suitable for the child’s needs. Click here to view instructions regarding this issue from the Ministry of Finance (Hebrew). Additionally, it is recommended to review the National Insurance website  for a more broad explanation of the rights.  It is also extremely recommended to review the Akim website which describes the rights in detail.


  • Marriage or Divorce Fee


 Housing Conditions Modification

  • Through joint-committees between the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Construction and Housing, the Ministry of Housing assists in funding modification of housing conditions for those with disabled mobility. The goal of the changes is to modify the apartment accommodations and accessibility to the apartment.
  • Interior changes: Modification of apartment interior for mobility using wheel chairs and other aids such as walking devices, prostheses, etc.
  • Exterior changes: Modification of access to the apartment such as access paths, ramps, railings, special elevators, etc.
  • Eligibility conditions: Any individual who is mobility-limited as a result of a condition that harms the motor system is eligible for assistance, unless the individual owns more than one apartment or rents privately on a per-month basis. Likewise, a request will not be approved for an individual whose apartment was modified before submitting the request.
  • How to apply? Go to a health plan (kupat cholim) occupational therapist who will send the request to the Ministry of Health.  The following documents are required: an assistance request form, a functional medical form, a recommendation from an occupational therapist, a price estimate and additional documents as required.
  • The aid is provided partially in grant form and partially in loan form.