Automobile accident victims


General Information  

Automobile accidents can occur in an instant and can make life difficult both physically and emotionally, in addition to the financial costs.  In order to ease your hardship and ensure your rights as a victim, it is necessary to take care of the more technical side of things. It is therefore recommended to refer to a lawyer that specializes in damages who can assist you in learning about your rights and the processes required to claim them.


Note: A lawyer's fee is paid as a percentage of the compensation and is usually paid by the insurance company as part of a legal settlement. A deeper familiarity with the subject will allow you to receive a higher compensation from the insurance company who is financially liable for the incident and will assist you through the rehabilitation process and dealing with the insurance company.


Payment for Evacuation from the Accident Site and Transportation to the Hospital (as of 1/1/2010)

  • Someone who is evacuated and hospitalized – The health plan (kupat cholim) pays the bill. You must go to a branch with hospital release papers and a report from Magen David Adom.
  • Someone who is evacuated to the emergency room via intensive care mobile unit/intensive care ambulance (Natan/Atan) and who is not hospitalized – The health plan pays as detailed below.
  • Someone who is evacuated to the emergency room in a regular ambulance and is not hospitalized – The insurance company who is liable pays (some companies pay directly to Magen David Adom and some reimburse the victim for expenses).

Assistance to Families of Automobile Accident Victims
The Ministry of Welfare operates a center to assist families of those who are injured in automobile accidents during their difficult period following the accident. Click here for a link to a website with important information on getting organized after an accident (Hebrew).

Medical Treatment after the Injury

  • Medical treatment included in the healthcare basket – Beginning on 1/1/2010, responsibility for treatment of those injured in an automobile accident was transferred to the health plans. Accordingly, someone who is injured in an automobile accident is eligible to receive the medical treatment included in the healthcare basket (as detailed in the second addition to the National Health Insurance Law) paid for by the health plan to which he/she belongs.
  • Payment of health plan co-payments – Someone who is injured in an automobile accident is eligible for exemption from payment of co-payments for the medical treatment included in the healthcare basket, for medical treatment stemming from the injury sustained as a result of the automobile accident. The eligibility is for any medical treatment beginning from 1/1/2010, regardless of the date of the accident. See a health plan branch for details about receiving reimbursement for these payments.
  • Medical treatment that is not included in the healthcare basket – The insurance company liable for the accident is responsible for payment of medical treatment that is not included in the healthcare basket (hospital nursing care, nursing assistance at home, purchasing of wheelchairs and appliances, dental treatments, etc.).


Click here for the Ministry of Health’s notice regarding a doctor’s obligation to report on a driver who is liable to endanger others (Hebrew).

Click here for the website of the Or Yarok non-profit organization (Hebrew).








Translated by The Shira Pransky Project