Housing modifications for the disabled

Government assistance is available for performing housing modifications for the disabled.    


Who is eligible?

  • Those who are functionally and mobility-limited as a result of a condition that debilitates the motor system, and who use mobile devices (wheelchairs, walkers, prostheses, crutches, etc.)
  • Residents of public housing complexes or private apartments including apartments of close relatives and kibbutz members who do not own more than one apartment.

Application Process

  • The request must be submitted to a social worker in the regional health office before performing the modifications. The request will be considered by a committee composed of the representatives from the Ministry of Housing and the Ministry of Health which is authorized to consider such requests. The committee approves funding of the modifications subject to the Ministry of Housing procedures and budget.
  • Required documents – Request form, recommendation from a rehabilitation worker, price estimate, medical and social reports, income receipts (for residents who own a private apartment), as well as additional documents as required.

Nature of the Assistance

  • Interior changes – widening of doorways; addition of doorways to enable access for wheel chairs/walking devices; modification of bathrooms, showers/bathtubs and kitchens.
  • Exterior changes – access paths, ramps.

Components of the Aid

  • Full grant for residents of public housing complexes.
  • For residents of private apartments: combination of grant and loan according to the apartment size, number of family members and income according to the ceiling determined in the regulations.


 For additional details, click here to contact the Ministry of Health.






Translated by The Shira Pransky Project