This section contains links regarding rights and services for the blind and those with vision impairments:

Eligibility for vision assistive devices for adults over the age of 18  
  • The Ministry of Health contributes for the following assistive vision devices: telescopic glasses, microscopic glasses and special contact lenses for prosthetic eyes.
  • The sum of the contribution is 75% of the price determined by the Ministry of Health. Families receiving income support from Bituach Leumi are eligible to receive full funding for some devices.
  • The following documents are required: approval from a medical specialist including a clear diagnosis and indication of need for the device, a social report (if there is one), confirmation of receiving a National Insurance allowance (if there is one), price quotes or receipts no more than 120 days after the purchase date.
  • In every case, it is desirable to check in the district Ministry of Health office before beginning the purchasing process in order to clarify and/or obtained the specific required forms and documents for each request.

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