The Healthcare Basket


The right to receive healthcare services is one of the most important rights we enjoy and it affects each and every one of us at one point or another in our lives. Many people are not aware of their rights, and as a result, they do not claim them. This section has detailed information about these rights according to the National Health Insurance Law:

Rights in the Healthcare System – a filmed lecture about topics that are worth knowing, including a basic explanation of the National Health Insurance Law as it relates to the basic rights of the insured and the ways to assist in claiming these rights.  Click here to play


We recommend that you refer to additional sources in any instance where there is doubt, in order to obtain a second opinion. The Society's telephone call center is available for your use.

The general information detailed here is based on the information possessed by The Society for Patients Rights in Israel . It is not legal counsel nor a substitute for legal counsel.

It is possible that there are omissions and/or mistakes and the information must not be relied upon to take legal steps and/or any other action. Any individual who depends on this information in any way is solely responsible as such and will not hold The Society for Patients Rights in Israel nor its affiliates who disseminate this information accountable.

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Translated by  The Shira Pransky Project